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"Nepal may not necessarily be a place that springs to mind when one thinks of a country with a diverse and exciting cuisine. Yet this is exactly what The Nepal Restaurant in trendy SoHo district has been offering to its customer since 1995. This small but inviting restaurant gives diners a chance to experience dishes that have been inspired by those served at the Royal Palace of Kathmandu. The Bhojan, or menu on offer, is based on dishes which originate from every corner of Nepal. And at The Nepal, the added charm of the dishes is the copious amount of fresh herbs and spices used to give the dishes a certain exotic taste."
South China Morning Post, June 1997

"Nepal scares the culinary heights...Yet another restaurant has opened on Staunton Street, which is rapidly becoming transformed from quiet nondescript back street into Hong Kong's latest culinary hot spot." 
South China Morning Post, 1995
"..a cuisine produced by a people inhabiting the sides of the world's tallest mountains is spectacular and unique. And the contents of the menu reward this expectation."
Hong Kong Standard , 28 December 1997
" The delicious curries, kebabs and intriguing local specialties bring an authentic taste of the mountain court to armchair traveling gourmets."
Hong Kong Tatler (Hong Kong's Best Restaurants, 1999)
"This little gem of restaurant is about as authentic as they come, right down to the Himalayan yak's cheese and the tender mutton dishes which are popular back in Nepal...The attention to detail shows in while the dim sum-style melt-in-the mouth momocha starter is heaven." 
bc magazine The Guide 2000
"It's a popular spit, as the cuisine is quite different from that of the other eateries in the SoHo area. It is Royal Nepalese, a diverse and fully-flavoured style of cooking, once served only to the royals and their guests in the mountain high state...Nepal is one of few restaurant to cater to weight-watching clients as well as vegetarians. 
With a little advance notice, they can create a menu to suit your requirements."
Epicurus Vol 2 Issue 1 - 2000
" Nepalese knick-knacks mounted on the whitened walls of the narrow dining room set the atmosphere, ......Chefs and spices imported form Nepal invoke the mountain kingdom."
Hong Kong Tatler ( Hong Kong's Best Restaurants, 2001)
"Indian food this is not, and shame on you for confusing the two. Nepalese food has unique flavours all its own: Have the momocha - fabulous steamed
vegetable dumpling-and see for yourself". 
HK magazine 2000 Restaurant Guide
"The myth and magic of Nepal coupled with a trendy location gives the restaurant a novelty value that masks for the moment a success based on more solid ground - an authentic and growing interest in the offerings of the Indian sub-continent." 
South China Morning Post. July 16, 1995
"There's a lightness and freshness which runs throughout the menu....This is a great little restaurant on great little street..." 
TV & Entertainment Times, July 1995

"A taste of Nepal...The menu is with mouth-watering home made dishes straight from Nepal." 
TV Times, April 1998


Nepal Restaurant & Bar
G/F., 14 Staunton Street, SoHo, 
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2869 6212       Fax: (852) 2521 9108